Model 10 (Single Point)

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A/V Warning Unit A/V Control Unit

The BDS Model 10 Alarm System is a Audible and Visual Warning Alarm System used to alert personnel of a potentially dangerous situation. The system has one (1) audible and one (1) visual warning signal. Signals are activated by contact closure. The unit includes an optional audible acknowledge push-button for acknowledging the active auduble alarm as well as other options - see below. An optional battery back-up module is available to enable the system to operate in the absence of AC power. The system is suitable for indoor/outdoor applications wherever a high quality, high output warning alarm is required.

  • SYSTEM READY FOR INSTALLATION - Easy to install - No maintenance
  • 1 DISTINCT AUDIBLE TONE SIGNAL - Warble tone (std), Steady horn tone available
  • 1 VISUAL ALARM SIGNALS - Red (furnished as standard). Amber, Blue, or Clear available
  • VISUAL STROBE LIGHTS - 180 degrees of coverage, approximally 60 - 120 FPM
  • A/V WARNING UNIT - Light weight, rust proof, aluminum die cast housing - Safe
  • CONTROL UNIT - Fiberglass enclosure - NEMA 4X - Safe
  • AUDIBLE ACKNOWLEDGE SWITCH - Acknowledges active audible alarm (optional)
  • BATTERY OPERATION - Battery back-up module (optional)
  • INPUT SIGNAL - Normally Open (std)

    The A/V WARNING UNIT and the A/V CONTROL UNIT are electrically connected to form the BDS AUDIBLE/VISUAL WARNING SYSTEM. The Control Unit provides power to the Warning Unit and includes electronics for acknowledging the audible alarm when ordered. Alarms are activated by remote switch closure (dry contacts). When the alarm input closes, the audible (Warble) tone signal and the visual (Red) strobe light are activated. No alarm is active when alarm input is open.

    SPECIFICATIONS - Model 10 (Strobe type light)
    • A/V WARNING UNIT - Horn assembly & light
      • AUDIBLE SIGNAL: Warble (Std), Available: Steady horn
        • 25 watt, 127dB at 10 foot (approx.)
      • VISUAL SIGNAL: Red (std), Available: Amber, Blue, or Clear
        • Strobe type light - 60,000 candle power (clear lens)
      • MOUNTING: Flat wall or on a 4" square electrical box
      • WIRING: 10 feet of inter-connection wiring supplied
      • EQUIPMENT: Watertight suitable for indoor or outdoor use
      • DIMENSIONS: 8 x 5 3/4 x 5 inches (20.32 X 14.61 X 12.7 cm) (Model 10, 10A)
      • NET WEIGHT: 3 pounds (1.36 kg) (Model 10, 10A)
    • A/V CONTROL UNIT - Enclosure houses control electronics
      • INPUT SIGNALS: Switch closures - Normally open
      • OUTPUT: 12VDC to A/V Warning Unit for activating audible and visual signals
      • INTERNAL ELECTRONICS - modular
      • WIRING CONNECTION: Terminal blocks
      • EQUIPMENT: Fiberglass enclosure with hinged cover - NEMA 4X
      • ACKNOWLEDGE PUSHBUTTON: Furnished on bottom of enclosure when ordered
      • POWER: Models 10, 10A requires: 90-264VAC, 47 - 63Hz, Model 10AB (battery backup) requires: 115VAC, 60Hz
      • DIMENSIONS: Models 10, 10A 10 X 7 X 4.5 inches (25.4 X 17.78 X 11.43 cm), Model 10AB 14 X 11 X 6.5 inches (35.56 X 27.94 X 16.51 cm)
      • NET WEIGHT: Models 10, 10A 3 pounds (1.3 kg), Model 10AB 18 pounds (8.172Kg)
      • Units with a battery back-up module may require a larger Control Unit enclosure

    ORDERING (If you have a special requirement consult BDS Systems)
  • Model 10 Standard - no options
  • Model 10A Standard except with audible acknowledge
  • Model 10AB Standard except with audible acknowledge and with battery backup
  • Model 10Z Standard except special features
    Specifications subject to change without notice

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