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Model 100
Beach-going made easy...from your door to the water's edge

The Beach Walker makes going to the beach easy, from your front door to the water's edge. There is no strength or size requirements for the operator - any adult can easily operate the Beach Walker and can tow even the heaviest of loads. It is the Beach Walker that bears the weight of the load and the strength for the tow - it is if you were walking alone.


  • Motorcycle style throttle for variable speeds from 0 - 16 mph
  • Forward/Neutral/Reverse toggle switch located on handle
  • Balloon type tires for all terrain transportation including soft sand
  • Large cargo box for storage i.e. beach chairs, coolers, boogie boards, toys, beach tags, etc.
  • Cargo box front door opens for easy access & cleaning
  • Cushioned rear bench seat to comfortably transport: 2 adults; 1 adult w/2 children; 3 children Picture
  • Foot rest for easy on & off bench access
  • Side mounted cylinders for housing removable beach umbrellas, fishing poles, fan, etc.
  • 110VAC power outlet for plugging in various equipment i.e. refrigeration, radio, TV, fan, phone charger, laptop, blender, etc.
  • Built-in battery charger for maintaining batteries (just plug an extension cord from Beach Walker into a standard AC outlet)
  • Battery power indicator lets the operator know when to recharge (approx. every 5 days)
  • Key switch used to turn system On & Off. Removable key for theft protection
  • Water resistant; rust & corrosion proof
  • Heavy duty construction, steel parts painted, aluminum with stainless steel hardware

To operate The Beach Walker, simply load up your passengers, carge and turn the power switch ON, and turns the handle's built-in throttle until you've reached a comfortable walking speed. With the Beach Walker's 1.5 horse power, high-torque motor and balloon type tires, the Beach Walker makes moving from hard pavement surface to very soft sand effortless. The operator simply steers the handle in the direction desired, manipulates the handles throttle to give more or less motor to the motor depending on the surface or grade.

  • The rear bench seat provides handicapped persons beach access, particularly elderly beach goers/homeowners with limited physical strength to carry themselves a distance across the sand.
  • Customization available to replace cargo box and bench seat with an ambulance stretcher for emergency use in beach rescue operations
  • Surf-casting fisherman and hunters can effortlessly and efficiently cart gear and catch/kill.
  • Replace the effort of the wheel barrel for use in landscaping, gardening, and construction.
  • 24 volt DC electrical system (Two 12 volt deep cell marine batteries run in series)
  • 1.5 Horse power, high-torque motor
  • 500 lbs net weight, 2000 lbs maximum load capacity
  • Overall dimensions Length 72, Width 48, Height 38 inches
  • Cargo box dimensions Length 27, Width 37, Height 10 inches
  • Bench seat dimensions Length 44, Width 18, Height 38 inches
  • Handle lenght 49 inches
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