The proper procedure for threading a worm on a fishing hook.

    1. Cut worm approximately 1/2 inch longer than the hook's bend and shank.

    2. Carefully thread the hook's point through the center of the worm around the bend and up the shank to the hook's eye.

    3. Leave approximately 1/2 inch of worm hanging past the barb on the hook's point.

    4. The maximum length of worm used should not exceed the hooks shank, bend and the 1/2 inch hanging past the hook's barb.

    5. Accourding to FIN-ARICS Marine Supply Ltd. (Ocean City, NJ), The charge for a walk-in customer for a dozon worms is $14.00. It is important to properly put a worm on a fishing hook and not waste worms. Your support is important and required.

    OCFC Bait Club (Rev. July 17, 2020)

The fishing hook is one of the most important items to a fisherman.

    1. Hooks come in many sizes, shapes, metals and finishes.

    2. Hooks are sized by the number that represents the distance between the inside of the Shank and the Point or the Gap. All manufactures are different and below is for guide purposes only.

  • Large hooks (1/0 - 10/0) increase in size as the numbers increase.

  • Small hooks (14 - 1) decreases in size as the numbers deccrease.
  • 3. Select the hook for the species of fish you are fishing for and keep the point sharp.

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