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Fish Road Coral Fruit
Fish Road Coral Fruit

Fort Ocean1 Barn Ocean2
Fort Ocean1 Barn Ocean2

Goldgate Bridge El Capitan Mt Robson Lake Louise
Golden Gate El Capitan Mt Robson Lake Louise

Fish - "A Lot of Head and a Little Tail". Curacao
Road - "Country Road on an autumn day". Doylestown, PA
Coral - "Coral". Aruba
Fruit - "Fruit Stand". Aruba.
Fort - "Blue Beard's Castle". Old Bushiribana Ruins. Aruba near the natural bridge
Ocean1 - "Ocean Waters". Taken in Aruba.
Barn - "Barn". Up state New York (West of Batavia, Rt 63) on a autumn day.
Ocean2 - "Boy looking at Ocean". Ocean City, NJ
Golden Gate - "Golden Gate Bridge". California
El Capitan - "El Capitan". Yosemite Nat'l Park, California
Mt. Robson - "Mt Robson". On a sunny day, Canadian Rockies
Lake Louise - "Lake Louise". On a cloudy day, Canadian Rockies

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