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New Britian Creek New Orleans, LA One World Trade Center Ocean City, NJ
Creek Old Man One World Trade Art Man

Farm House Beach House Coins Lunch
Farm House Beach House Coins Lunch

Kids at Pond Berbee Road 2 Bruce's & Kurt Having Fun
Kids at Pond Burpee Road Two Bruces & Kurt Having Fun

Creek - "New Briatian, PA ". New Pritain, PA.
Old Man - "Old Man ". New Orleans, LA.
OWT Center - "OWT window washing ". New York, NY
Art Man - "Man at art show ". Ocean City, NJ
Farm House - "Farm House ". Route 202, Doylestown, PA.
Beach House - "Beach House ". Rodanthe, NC.
Coins - "Coin Stereogram 3D". 3D Coin Stereogram, Relax and view
Lunch - "Lunch". Lunch - Mountion House - Hawley, PA
Kids at Pond - "Kids at pond". Bruckets Pond - Doylestown, PA
Burpee Road - "Burpee Road". Burpee Road, Doylestown, PA
Two Bruces & Kurt - "Two Bruces & Kurt". Bruce Balderson, Bruce Springsteen, Kurt Balderson "Born to LIVE"
Having Fun - "Frog Ride". Ocean City, NJ

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