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Sea Gull Father & Son Art Man on beanch End of Rt 1
Sea Gull Father & Son Man on bench End of Rt 1

Indrio Road Winter Snow Yummy> Ringer
Indrio Road Winter snow Yummy Ringer

Happy Face Sisters Get that ball Lance Art>
Happy Face Sisters Get that Ball Lance Art

Sea Gull - "Sea Gull taking a break". Marathon, FL
Father & Son - "Father and Son fishing". Ocean City, NJ
Man on bench - "Taking a nap". Philadlphia, PA
End of Rt 1 - "End of the Road". Key West, FL
Indrio Road - "Indrio Road". Vero Beach, FL
Winter snow - "Winter snow". Little Neshaminy Creek, Warwick, PA
Yummy (Hoagie) - "Food Market Center City". Philadelphia, PA
Ringer - "Ring Toss". Marathon, FL
Happy Face - "Reeves in bumper car". Ocean City, NJ
Sisters - "Leah & Ashley - Sisters". Doylestown, PA
Get that Ball - "Shea I'll Get it". Lafayette College - Easton, PA
Lance Art - "Lance's Art at Philadelphia Art Museum". Phila. PA

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